Bross Center for Learning provides education and enrichment programs to children, teens and young adults in the Greater Cincinnati region who have typical needs or special needs. We offer both dedicated programs as well as individual, targeted sessions to provide direct academic instruction and additional intervention services.

We know your child is unique – that’s why we offer tailored services that focus on your child’s individual needs. Enroll for any of these services for as few or as many hours as they need on a pay-as-you-go basis:

Autism Support Services for youth with Autism or related disorders. Our Autism Support Services provides direct, educational instruction and intervention services to children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder or related challenges to address academics, behavior, life skills, speech/language and motor skills.

High School Test Preparation Program for the ACT, HSPT or TerraNova. Our High School Test Preparation Program provides face-to-face instruction, test-taking practice and personalized assignments to prepare students for the ACT, HSPT or TerraNova. Pay-as-you-go options with no minimum requirements allow you to truly tailor our program to your child’s level of need.

Private Tutoring Services for every type of student. Our Private Tutoring Services include options for subject-focused tutoring, study skill lessons and homework help. Our certified staff of general education teachers and subject-specific tutors specialize in working with both students with typical needs as well as special needs.

Summer Services for youth in need of continuous learning and skill development. Our Summer Services provide opportunities for consistent, direct subject tutoring, study skill lessons and test preparation over the summer months to help students retain progress and prepare them for the next school year.

Our staff of licensed intervention specialists, licensed general education teachers, occupational therapists, support staff, and school psychologist specialize in serving youth with:

√ Autism and Related Disorders √ Speech Disabilities
√ Learning Disabilities√ Cognitive Disabilities √ Developmental Delay
√ ADD/ADHD √ Executive Function Disorder

Enrollment is available year round. Pre-register online and schedule your consultation. Bross Center is a state approved provider for both the Autism Scholarship, as well as, the Jon Peterson Scholarship through the Ohio Department of Education. These scholarships can be used to cover the cost of many of our services.